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Whilst the Squadron is managed and run day to day by RAFAC Officers, SNCO's in the ATC and Civilian Instructors; all ATC squadrons are supported by the Civilian Welfare Committee whose members are drawn from the Squadron Association.


The Association


The Association is made up of parents of current and former cadets, as well as members of the Royal Air Force Association, former Royal Air Force personnel who live in the local area and members of the public whom have an interest in our work.


The Association meets at least once every year at the Annual General Meeting which usually coincides with the annual cadets awards evening.


The AGM is where the Civilian Welfare Committee (CWC) presents its annual accounts and show how they have supported the cadets during the previous twelve months; and how they intend to support them in the following twelve months. The Association also gets to ask any questions they may have and vote in the members of the committee for the next year.


The Civilian Welfare Committee


Made up of members of the Association; they are voted in for a term of twelve months at the AGM. The CWC meets usually every 6 weeks to discuss how they can support the Squadron Commander both through raising vital funds for activities and equipment; but also to ensure funds are spent wisely. They will also discuss the direction the Squadron is taking; and hear a Squadron Commanders report on activities in the last 6 weeks and future activities coming up.


They are responsible for arranging all fund raising activities and this may be done by a sub-committee which can be drawn from any Association member.


Like any committee there are three Officers - the Chairman - responsible for ensuring the rules and regulations are applied and holding a deciding vote on any matters arising; the Treasurer - who is responsible for managing the squadrons funds and also annual accounting and the Secretary - responsible for record keeping and correspondence. Other members may be ordinary members or Trustees who can countersign funds being withdrawn.


During meetings both the Squadron Commander and Padre are in attendance in an ex-officio capacity - they can guide and advise but cannot vote on any resolution.


The method of management has been at the very heart of the ATC since its foundation; a Squadron cannot come into existence until a CWC has been formed. Consider this form of management a good system of checks and balances - the CWC does not interfere with the day to day running of the Squadron; but plays a vital role in ensuring funds are raised and controlled according to the law; and ensuring the Squadron OC has a development plan for the Squadron!


739 enjoys an excellent working relationship between the CWC and the Squadron Staff. With their support since 2009 we have invested many thousands in new equipment and they have also helped support countless cadets financially from a welfare perspective.



The CWC Committee 2022






Ms Sue Elworthy (Parent)



Mrs Katrina Lewis





Mr Stephen Hepples

Mrs Helen Prole

Mr David Roxborough



Ex-Officio Members


Flight Seargent James Raw RAFAC (Officer Commanding)

VACANT (Chaplain)

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