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Our Squadrons motto is "Together We Achieve". Whilst this is indeed very true we also celebrate significant individual achievements by our cadets in the form of our annual Awards. Some of these awards are steeped in history, some are more recent replacements.


The Carl Eggleston Memorial Trophy

Presented to the local cadet forces by Denis Egglestone; father of former cadet Carl Egglestone who died in tragic circumstances. Awarded annually to the winning cadet force of a tri-service target shooting competition between Scarborough’s Air Training Corps, Army Cadet Force & Sea Cadet Corps; which ran until 2011. 

1996 - 1998     ATC
1999               SCC
2000 - 2003     ACF
2004               ATC
2005 – 2009    SCC
2010 – 2011    ATC


The Luke Coles Memorial Trophy

Presented by his parents to be awarded in his memory after he died in tragic circumstances. Luke rose to become a Cadet Flight Sergeant before leaving and moving onto being a staff member at the local Sea Cadets. The trophy is awarded to the cadet who has had the best overall attendance and commitment during the year.

2013    Cdt FS H Oliver
2014    Cdt G Lawton

2015    Cdt Cpl G Lawton

2016    Cdt J Lewis

2017    Cdt J Webber

2018    Cdt Sgt J Lewis

2022    Cdt R Tipping


The Cullen Trophy

Donated to the Squadron by former Cadet Warrant Officer Neil Cullen and presented during years of high achievement in Full Bore Shooting.

1992    Cdt FS D Wilson
1993    Cdt FS N Dengate
1994    Cdt Sgt A Huggins
1995    Cdt M Merron
1996    Cdt Sgt J Le Cornu
2012    Cdt R Mennell

2016    Cdt Cpl E Cawley


The Claud “Curley” Coates Trophy

Presented during years of high achievement in Small Bore Shooting.

1987    Cdt C Egglestone
1988    Cdt J Robinson
1989    Cdt Cpl A Goodall
2000    Cdt Cpl Daynes
2004    Cdt N Howard
2006    Cdt Prince
2007    Cdt R Pope
2008    Cdt D Walkington

2022    Cdt H Speight


The Aircrew Association Trophy


Awarded during years when significant achievement has been made by a cadet in either flying or gliding.


1985    Cdt FS Duguid

1986    Cdt Cpl Brecknock

1987    Cdt Sgt Brecknock

1988    Cdt FS Wigglesworth

1989    Cdt Sgt Waggitt

1990    Cdt Sgt Goy

1993    Cdt Cpl Jackson

1994    Cdt Sgt Jackson

1995    Cdt FS Jackson

1996    Cdt Sgt LeCornu

1997    Cdt Kirk

2004    Cdt Cpl Douglas

2012    Cdt Cpl Power

2013    Cdt Sgt H Brown

2016    Cdt Sgt E Orviss

2017    Cdt FS E Orviss


The Commanding Officers Cup

Awarded annually to the best new cadet during the previous 12 months

2000    Cdt I Williams
2004    Cdt L Cromack
2006    Cdt Pitz
2007    Cdt W Povey

2013    Cdt A Nisbet

2014    Cdt B Thompson

2015    Cdt J Davies

2016    Cdt E Young

2017    Cdt N O'Neill

2018    Cdt A Metcalfe

2022    Cdt R Bibby


The Ginger Lacey Trophy

Donated to the squadron by former Battle of Britain ace “Ginger” Lacey. Originally given to the best cadet it is now awarded annually to the cadet deemed to be the best Non-Commissioned Officer.


1987    Cdt B Taylor

1988    Cdt Cpl R Waggitt

1989    Cdt D Habberley

1990    Cdt D Habberley

1991    Cdt Sgt L Brooke

1992    Cdt Stainthorpe

1993    Cdt Cpl K Lambert

1994    Cdt N Black

1995    Cdt Cpl N Black

1996    Cdt I McEntevy

1997    Cdt Cpl I McEntevy

1998    Cdt WO N Black

1999    Cdt Cpl Ellwood

2000    Cdt Sgt S Kennedy

2006    Cdt Sgt N Howard

2007    Cdt Sgt L Coles

2008    Cdt Nicholson

2012    Cdt FS H Oliver

2013    Cdt FS C Griffiths

2014    Cdt FS H Brown

2015    Cdt Sgt A Nisbet

2016    Cdt FS A Nisbet

2017    Cdt Cpl J Lewis & Cdt Sgt J Mennell

2018    Cdt Cpl A Flynn

2022    Cdt Cpls R D'Soua & H Speight


The Gordon Quaiffe Trophy

Donated in the memory of Gordon Quaiffe by his mother; an ex cadet of 739 Sqn who died saving a cadets life during an AEF flight whilst serving in the Royal Air Force. The original trophy was unfortunately destroyed in a fire in 1969 with only the scroll remaining. The current trophy holds this scroll and it now awarded to the best overall male cadet each year.


2013    Cdt Cpl B Whaling

2014    Cdt Cpl J Marton

2015    Cdt Cpl J Rust-Howell

2016    Cdt G Brown

2017    Cdt G Brown

2018    Cdt J Lathan

2022    Cdt L Wood


The Sue Balmford Shield

Donated by ex-Officer Commanding Sue Balmford and awarded annually to the best overall female cadet.


2013    Cdt G Wilson

2014    Cdt A Nisbet

2015    Cdt J Cox

2016    Cdt Cpl A Kendall

2017    Cdt E Young

2018    Cdt S Boddy

2022    Cdt P Roxborough


Male Sports


Awarded annually to the male cadet who has achieved the most in sporting activities.


2006    Cdt Cpl L Coles

2007    Cdt tolley

2008    Cdt Sgt L Coles

2012    Cdt M Colling

2013    Cdt M Colling

2014    Cdt Cpl M Colling

2018    Cdt J Lathan


Female Sports


Awarded annually to the female cadet who has achieved the most in sporting activities.


1994    Cdt S Scadden

1995    Cdt P Campbell

1996    Cdt P Campbell

1997    Cdt S LeCornu

1998    Cdt Cpl S LeCornu

1999    Cdt Cpl N Penrose

2000    Cdt Cpl H LeCornu

2001    Cdt Cpl H LeCornu

2004    Cdt Wray

2006    Cdt Coyne

2007    Cdt Copley

2012    Cdt Cpl L Ward

2014    Cdt A Nisbet

2017    Cdt L Thompson

2018    Cdt S boddy, & Cpls A Flynn, L Thompson & E Young


RAFA Sarborough


Awarded annually to the cadet who has made the most improvement during the year.


2017    Cdt B Bradshaw


Best Archer


Awarded annually to the cadet who has achieved the most consistant archery scores during the year.


2022    Cdt Cpl E Brown


Commandant  Royal Air Force Air Cadets Certificate of Good Service


2015    Cdt FS D MacAleese


Misc Awards


2016    Cdt Sgt A Nisbet RAF Fylingdales Station Commander's Cadet

2017    Cdt FS E Orviss Regional Commandant Certificate of Meritous Service

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