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Cadets & Staff can login to Bader Learn to complete online training modules by clicking here.

Cadet Portal - What is it?

Cadet Portal is a new tool that puts a cadets experience into their own hands.


You can check and update some basic details of your own cadet record, inform us of parade absence, put your name forward for events advertised through the portal and download files relevent to those activities as well as be informed if you have been successful in gaining a place.


In addition to this you can also track your personal progress through the Classification and Progressive Training Syllabuses and see what your next steps are.


There are relevent Squadron and RAFAC downloads in the download section and you can view the training program online. 


If you find any part of your record is incomplete of incorrect please inform the Squadron staff.


You can login to Cadet Portal by clicking the image below. Please note this is not live for 739 until December 2019.

Squadron Clothing 

We have partnered with Bird's of Dereham to provide 739 Squadron branded clothing.


Featuring the Squadron crest to the left chest area, the RAFAC logo on the sleeve and 739 printed in white on the right chest area.


Some items can also be additionally personalised with your name - order direct by clinking the picture below.

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