Cadet Classifications




First Class Cadet - The first stage in the journey of a new recruit leading to Essential First Aid, Youth First Aid, Drill, Radio & First Class Classification taking roughly 6 months













Leading Cadet - This involves learning basic navigation and map reading, understanding how an aircraft flies and stays in the air and being able to identify common aircraft and understand how an airfield works. Once you have completed the 3 exams required you will become a leading cadet. 


This should take approximately a year after becoming 1st class. 














Senior & Master Cadet - At this point you will begin to narrow down the subject that you take, but will study them in more detail.  There are 8 subjects to choose from, of which only 3 will be studied.  They include how a jet engine works, the theory behind rocket power and satellites, how planes and navigators navigate using not just a map and compass, but the full range of instruments a plane offers, they also include the principles of Radar and Radio, as well as the use of Air Power and the construction of planes. 


It will take approxiamtely 1 year for Senior Cadet with 3 online assessments and a further year for Master Air Cadet.


















Instructor Cadet is about training you to take on a more active role within the Squadron.  It includes instructional techniques, so you can teach subjects to other cadets, a good knowledge in the working and running of a Squadron, the administration behind it and who does what. 


Again this is done to allow you to take a more active role in the Squadron by assisting the Staff in the running. 



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